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Scannerstuff publications are written and edited by local radio experts!

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is your source for locally-edited directories for scanner radio hobbyists and professionals in California, Arizona, Oregon, Georgia and Washington...

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  • Antennas - Base Antennas, Mobile Antennas, Portable Antennas, Mounting Gear, Coax Cables & Connectors

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  • Scanner Software - Software for Uniden Bearcat, Radio Shack, AOR and Icom scanners and for Remote Scanning


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A Phoenix (AZ) area news media helicopter pilot calls his Scannerstuff book "the scanner bible".

Scannerstuff Publications are relied on by professionals like this news media helicopter pilot/reporter

"Whether you are new to scanning or an oldtimer, there is a lot of meat here to chew on... The ... Southern California Frequency Directory truly picks up where others leave off." --- Larry Van Horn, Assistant Editor, Monitoring Times Magazine.

"What really sets this frequency book apart from most others is the narratives, not only on general radio scanning but on each of the radio systems... This frequency guide goes the extra mile by including detailed maps and narration by those who monitor these frequencies both professionally and as a hobby." Read an independent review of Scannerstuff publications. 

"At the Republic, we use [Scannerstuff books] on a regular basis to track down an obscure agency. Case in point was during the prison standoff last spring. Very helpful!" --- Dave Seibert, staff photographer, Arizona Republic newspaper

"I still say in over 30 years of playing with radios and scanners, this is the best frequency guide I have ever seen."  --- Ron Parks, WB5DYG, Gilbert, AZ"